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Sale – Rent

Acquisition server / rent


Sale – Rent

Acquisition server / rent


Our site is Europe’s most comprehensive online business catalog.
Catalog consisting of a range of 42,000 product references, from 170 brands and a choice of 23,000 software licenses


Hardware & Software :

  • Computers : Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Sony, Asus, Appel, Toshiba, Acer, …

  • Picture, Sound : Sony, Toshiba, Epson, Samsung, LG, Philips, Axis, OKI, NEC, Panasonic, Canon,

  • Software : Microsoft, Macintosh, Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, Adobe, Netasq, …

  • Peripheral : Hewlett-Packard, Canon, Ricoh, Kyocera, Xerox, Epson, Brother, Sagem, …

  • Components, Networks and Connectors, Consumables.

A quality logistics with a stock of 47 000m2, fully automated guaranteeing a delivery time before 13h the next day.
A very high availability of products with more than 12,000 references in permanent stock.

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Evolutionary renting : an optimization and savings tool

What equipment is rented ?
All equipment with rapid obsolescence or benefiting from a technological and regular upgrade :

  • Computer hardware

  • Office automation equipment

  • Telecommunication equipment

100% financing : The lease is the only financing product allowing to integrate 100% of the project, integrating both the hardware, but also the software and the associated services (port, installation parameter setting, extension of guarantee).


How does the rental contract work ?

An adapted Contractual Duration : the purpose of the lease is to match the duration of the contract with the duration of use of the equipment. The terms range from 18 to 60 months, with monthly, quarterly or annual rents.

A constant rent evolution : evolutionary renting facilitates the evolution and renewal of equipment.

  • Addition : from the 2nd month of your contract, it is possible to add materials. A rider then notes the addition and the increase of the rent

  • Evolution at constant rent : your contract generates from the 12th month a capacity of evolution allowing you the renewal or the increase of your equipment park, while maintaining your budget.

What are the advantages of renting?

Two main advantages :

  • Cost control : this is the major advantage of the rental process: a “user fee” is determined for a given fleet, including the rental of equipment but also the soft, and / or the possible benefits. Your variable load then becomes a fixed charge, better controlled and allowing better management of operating budgets.

  • The technological maintenance of the park : thanks to the “constant rent” evolution program, the flexibility of its operation, the rental makes it easier the renewal or evolution of the equipment. Thus, you eliminate obsolescence, you have the guarantee of a fleet compliant with the technological requirements of the market, in accordance with the needs of your users, while respecting the allocated budgets and always benefiting from the guarantee manufacturer of the equipment.

Financial and technical benefits

Preserve cash and bank loans: renting makes it possible to reserve your capacities for more strategic and productive investments. On the other hand, it frees up your cash and therefore ensures financial sustainability.

Alleviate your balance sheet

Rents are recorded in operating expenses, and therefore reduce your taxation. You are freed from the amortization constraint, you do not increase your apparent debt and thus optimize your debt ratio.

Stimulate the investment

Rentals make it possible to invest in equipment which it could not have acquired from its own funds or from bank loans.

Cancel the impact of inflation

With the rental, you can enjoy the use of your equipment at the cost of today, but your monthly expense will be made with a euro inflated. This is a major asset of the rental.

Free you of the constraints

elated to the recovery or destruction of your old machines.

To guarantee you a powerful park constantly under manufacturer’s guarantee

The purpose of the lease is to upgrade the equipment before the end of the warranty ; the resale price is then optimized and your park constantly protected.

Homogenize your material park

With the Lease Back, we buy back your hardware and software in stock at their net book value, and integrate them into a suitable rental solution, allowing you to quickly take advantage of the evolving process.

To guarantee you a mastered budget

Leasing allows you to upgrade your machinery, whether by adding or renewing existing equipment, while respecting the annual budget established at the signing of your contract thanks to the constant rent evolution program.

Why rental ?

Buy – Rental

Column 1



BUY Own funds buy Suitable for investments with very low obsolescence …

  • Financial independence
  • Cash used to finance low-life assets in the enterprise.
  • TVA to advance
  • Non-scalable solution and difficulties to “recycle” materials
BUY Credit Suitable for low obsolescence (10 years and over) and real estate investments

  • Protect the finance
  • Deductible financial interests
  • Use of line of bank outstanding and increase in indebtedness
  • Increase in balance sheet liabilities
  • Non-scalable solution and difficulties to “recycle” materials
  • Cumulative load in case of new investment
BUY Lease Credit Suitable for low obsolescence investments (5 years to 10 years) :

  • Preserves cash
  • Deductible expenses
  • Use of bank credit line
  • Increase in the Account of the Results Account
  • Non-scalable solution and difficulties to “recycle” materials
  • Cumulative load in case of new investment
RENTAL Rental Suitable for all goods with rapid obsolescence (7 years maximum) :

  • Preserves debt capacity and cash
  • Simplicity: a rent = a charge
  • Facilitates the evolution and optimizes the re-marketing of machines
  • Global financing: 100% of the project
  • Tax savings on TP and deductible expenses on IS
  • Guarantee performance and user satisfaction
  • Choice of financial partner for better advice and transparency on the financial product.
  • User of the rented property belonging to the lessor

The addition of material

The addition of equipment during the contract is organized according to the needs of your clients.

It is possible at any time of the contract but is to advocate the first year.

Addition by the Bias of an Amendment:
The amendment is based on the remaining duration of the contract

> Accumulation of rents but no increase in duration.

Addition through a new contract:
The new contract complements the initial contract, for the same duration as this one

> Cumulation of rents and increase of the duration.



The evolution during the contract is organized according to the needs of your customers.

Evolutions at “constant rent”:
(Outstanding balance – 80% outgoing material resale value) + New investment = Starting investment

Evolution with “revision” of the contract:
(Remaining balance – 80% outgoing material resale value) + New investment <Starting investment
> Decrease in rent or duration.

(Outstanding balance – 80% outgoing material resale value) + New investment> Initial investment
> Increase in rent or duration.

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